3 Million Meters Challenge

Help 3 Million Meters raise its charitable goal by participating or giving, now or throughout 2014.

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3 Million Meters

Challenge & Opportunity

The Challenge:

Challenge yourself in 2014.  Participate in the inaugural year of 3 Million Meters and help raise money for Women for Women International. Log your activity in running, biking, rowing, multisport—even reading, drawing, or performance.  Create a fundraising goal.  Help make a difference for women in conflict areas around the world. Even if you are already raising money for your favorite cause, you can add this annual goal at what ever level you feel comfortable with. (3 Million Meters = less than 36 miles/week)

Why:  Raise money for Human Rights causes. Prove your commitment to persistent, consistent, endurance based activity.  Join a community of caring, active individuals working together to make a difference in the world. Raise money for Human Rights cause, Women for Women International—helping the neediest women in 8 countries conflict-stressed countries with job training and human rights education. (Video Clip)

How: Go to crowdrise.com/3millionmeters and select the The Team tab.  Choose, JOIN the team and set up your fundraiser.  It only takes a few minutes to join the team.  Choose any amount you want to raise; you can always change it later. There is an option to add a milage tracker.  1,864 mi = 3 million meters. (That’s less than 36 miles per week!) Soon enough there will be a 3millionmeter.org website to keep track of various activities separately.

When: January is a great time to start logging miles, hours, or meters for your goal.  Join us for this exciting inaugural year!  Join any time you like, but the new year is a great time to start. Keep track of your own miles and log them using the tracker on crowdrise.   The 3millionmeters.org website is under construction.

No Cost:   There is no charge for participation or membership this year.  As the community grows, funding will be sought through grants and sponsorships.  (Someday, when there are wonderful perks, maybe…).

-Create a community of committed, fun-loving, people with vision to share in making a difference through mutual support.
-Raise funds for Women for Women International. (any amount you choose, over the year)
-Look towards adding more causes in the future.

More INFO:
Artistactivist, Kevin Valentine has been logging running miles since May 1st to raise money for 3 Million Meters.  This began as an extension of his Widowsweave project.  Details of both projects can be found at: artistactivist.com. To date he has logged well over 2,000,000 meters running. (Watch the Video)

We imagine 3 Million Meters as a community committed to helping human rights causes over the long term by harnessing the energy employed in sport, art, and literary endeavor.  If you run, bike or row; if you swim with a team, or read with a book club; if you write, draw or play in an orchestra or band, you can log your time, distance, or count as meters towards this cause.

Athletic activities are perhaps the easiest to log, but you may have to get creative for certain sports. Swimmers may need to form a team of ten to equal 3 million meters, or count decimeters instead.  Runners too busy to log 1,864 miles might want to team with a partner, or small group to accumulate the miles.  UNITSPLUS is a great app for converting all sorts of measures, including miles-to-kilometers (or even decimeters).

Artistic, performance, and literary based activity may need even more creative thinking. For instance, if you play an instrument, figure on 80 beats per minute average equaling 4,800 beats (meters) per hour, requiring 625 hours/year to equal 3 million meters.  Readers or writers may translate a word as a “beat” or measure, and use the average number of words on a page to total 3 million.  Whatever your activity or combination of activities, alone or as a team, you are welcome to join in this new community of engaged athletes and artists!

Kevin Valentine

Donate to 3 Million Meters, for Women for Women International:

Donate directly to Artistactivist to fund this project:

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