Lines in the Sand

43DaysThis Saturday, Feb. 28th, is the 5th anniversary of the Widows: Lines in the Sand endurance performance and the 24th anniversary of the end of the Gulf War. Everyone please peacefully draw a “line in the sand” to say enough is enough–whatever violent injustice that means to you. And post a picture or video of yourself drawing that line, however you interpret that. ‪#‎linesinthesand‬ ‪#‎consciousv‬ ‪#‎artistactivist‬


Widowsweave: Lines in the Sand performances consist of finding a stick (usually a branch fallen from a nearby tree or washed up on a shore) and drawing lines of any kind in the sand while thinking of Iraqi widows.  When asked what the artist is doing, conversation follows which raises awareness of the plight of many Iraqi widows and orphans.

Why lines in the sand?

Lines in the sand are  ephemeral – they can be blown away in minutes, washed away, stepped on, erased with a new line. But they represent more than just a short existence: they represent division of land, opposition of forces or a limit of toleration.  Us and them, for or against, thus far and no farther.  And sand is a defining feature of much of the landscape of Iraq.

What better way can there be than to draw that line of finality, of decision – three million times.