Lines in the Sand again!

Next week, February 28th, 2015, is the 5th anniversary of the Widows: Lines in the Sand – 43 days performance/endurance/community art commemorating Iraqi Widows, and the 24th anniversary of the end of the Gulf War. Artistactivist Kevin Valentine (consciousv) wants you all to post one picture or video in the upcoming year to say “enough” – enough war, enough heartbreak, enough violence. Draw your Line in the Sand. Post a picture or video of your line – whether it is literally in the sand, in your art, across your desk, or the dance floor. Starting February 28th, let’s see if we can get 3 million unique participants worldwide to say enough is enough. #linesinthesand #consciousv #artistactivist #birddenoftruth #kevinvalentine

Kevin Valentine/Artistactivist/Consciousv

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