New Initiative for Widows Weave

10th Anniversary of “Mission Accomplished”

May 1st was not only May Day but also marked a decade since the famous Mission Accomplished speech meant to signal the end to major hostilities in the Iraq War.  As continued strife in Iraq and its resultant neglect of issues relating to women and children keeps Widowsweave relevant, Valentine is starting a new commitment to this project.  Beginning May 1, 2013 and continuing for one year, he will record 3,000,000 meters of running in an effort to engage more people in the discourse surrounding Widows in Iraq.  3 million meters, or 3 thousand kilometers is equal to about 1,660 miles.

Running for a cause has become an excellent tool in fundraising for charity across the globe.  The hope is to fundraise for charity that can benefit Iraqi Widows in some way, though this project has proven that goal to be as elusive as peace in Iraq.  I am currently exploring fundraising for charities already listed on this site, plus Women for Women International.  More details to follow.

On May 1st, I ran 7 miles (11 1/4K) – and also marked the day by drawing another 1000 lines in the sand at the Lighthouse Beach in Evanston.

Today, I added 6.5 miles for a total of about 21 3/4K so far.  I am hopeful that this new initiative will propel the Widowsweave project forward.

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