Evanston Terrain Biennial // Sat. Oct 7th, 2017

Opening Reception this Sat: Evanston Terrain Biennial 4-7PM Oct 7th 1217 Church St. Then walk the neighborhood to all the installations


The Structure of Memory

Description Fallen branches are lashed together to create a structural environment dedicated to the widows of Iraq. The created space is for contemplation, remembering sacrifices made, representing […]

Lines in the Sand, Floating to Lesbos and Home music video.

3 new pieces in Schoenherr Gallery- North Central College Faculty Exhibit

Reception this Friday, April 8th, 6-8PM

171 E. Chicago Ave., Naperville, IL 60540

You’re Invited!

Friday, April 8, 6-8pm

Join us for the Art Faculty Exhibition Reception

Exhibit: April 1 – May 29, 2016

M-10-6, Tu-Fr 10-9, Sa 10-6, Su 10-5

This unique […]

Faculty show at North Central College

Friday, April 8th from 6-8 is the reception for the Faculty Show at North Central College in Naperville. Come by to check out my two interactive pieces and one music video.


New song: Home

Lyrics to my newest song:


Leave it all. Carry hope Leave it all. Carry hope Land and sea Skies and me Coming home

Sing again. Peaceful men Sing again. Peace women Land and sea Skies and me Coming home

Smile with your eyes Grasp the sunrise The day has come We are one

We […]

25th Anniversary of the Gulf War

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the Gulf War (sadly, we have to specify which one-the Desert Storm one, but the part where we started bombing to impel the retreat of Iraqi troops from Kuwait). I am recapping some of my print, paint, performance, installation, etc. that directly addresses or was inspired by these […]

Lines in the Sand participation

This Saturday, Feb. 28th, is the 5th anniversary of the Widows: Lines in the Sand endurance performance and the 24th anniversary of the end of the Gulf War. Everyone please peacefully draw a “line in the sand” to say enough is enough–whatever violent injustice that means to you. And post a picture or video of […]

Lines in the Sand again!

Next week, February 28th, 2015, is the 5th anniversary of the Widows: Lines in the Sand – 43 days performance/endurance/community art commemorating Iraqi Widows, and the 24th anniversary of the end of the Gulf War. Artistactivist Kevin Valentine (consciousv) wants you all to post one picture or video in the upcoming year to say “enough” […]

Finishing the Marathon & 3 Million Meters in 30 Yards

Kevin Valentine finished his 3 Million Meters

challenge with 4 days to spare at the Illinois Marathon on May 26th. Lots of lessons learned. Winter can be harder than expected (and snowier and colder and icier). More to come after a rethink/reboot/rest and after midterm grades are done. Thanks to all for your support! […]

Less than 1 Month to Go

With less than on month to go, Kevin has reached 2,765,497 meters. Just over 145 miles to go by the end of April. I should make the goal of running, if not fundraising. And I’m getting ready to start a re-imagined 3 Million Meters as a community of endurance-minded people.

7 Weeks Left: 3 Million Meters

With 7 weeks left and just under 300 miles left, Kevin needs to average about 42 miles/week until the end of April and the Illinois Marathon in Champaign, IL.