Sunday’s Fundraiser

Had a great 1st fundraiser on Sunday, raising almost $500 towards Artistactivist and Widowsweave project. Will be planning more Widowsweave events soon. Thanks to all who participated, donated or otherwise helped out. Special thanks to Colleen and Justin at Work Studio in Chicago for donating the space, Ramah Jihan for a beautiful set of music.


The Widowsweave Exhibit had 235 signed visits (mostly unique visitors) drawing at least 343,868 lines, drawings and text in honor of Iraqi widows. $54 dollars were raised for Rally for Iraq scholarship fund, and $62.71 for The Aftermath Project

Manifest Urban Festival


Last days of Widowsweave Exhibit 11-9 on Friday 5/14, 10-6 on Sat. Visit Artist 4-7 Friday!

See vast schedule of events: Manifest

WidowsWeave actions this week

Schedule for 1/18-1/20

WidowsWeave will be drawing lines in the sand to raise awareness of the situation and number of Iraqi Widows

Monday, January 18, 2010 12 noon-2pm South Blvd Beach, South Blvd & lakefront Evanston, Il 1/2 mile East of South Blvd stop on Purple Line

Tuesday, January 19th 1-3pm Montrose Beach – South […]